Classic NYC Wedding at The Waldorf Astoria | NYC Wedding Photographer

Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-01Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-02Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-03Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-04Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-05Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-06Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-07Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-08Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-09Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-14Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-16Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-17Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-18Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-19Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-20Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-21Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-22Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-23Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-24Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-25Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-26Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-27Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-28Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-29Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-30Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-31Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-32Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-33Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-34Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-35Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-36Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-37Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-38Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-39Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-40Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-41Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-42Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-43Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-44Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-45Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-46Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-47Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-48Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-49Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-50Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-51Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-52Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-53Waldorf New York City Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-54

It doesn’t get more timeless or elegant than a NYC black tie wedding at The Waldorf on Park Avenue. Alyssa and Scott were married on a gorgeous September day and I’m so lucky to have been apart of their beautiful wedding. Alyssa and Scott opted for a first look right in the middle of Park Avenue. It ended up being one of those moments that took my breath away as I photographed them from the opposite side of the street. It was truly magical! After their first look, we traveled with their wonderful bridal party to the New York Public Library where we held portraits. After the NYPL, Alyssa, Scott and I decided to walk a bit to Bryant Park and along 5th avenue for some relaxed candid shots. New Yorkers love a good wedding and Alyssa and Scott enjoyed every moment of the honking horns, smiles and waves from their fellow New Yorkers. They reveled in this experience and all Alyssa kept saying was how much fun she was having and how happy she was. It was the perfect day and Alyssa & Scott had the most wonderful celebration. I’m so happy I was able to capture so many special moments for them and for their families!

Location: The Waldorf Astoria | Wedding Dress: Badgley Mischka | Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Hair: Lauren & Vanessa | Make Up: Erin Taylor | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Monique Lhuillier | Stationery: Ceci New York | Flowers: Belle Fleur | Entertainment: Hank Lane | Cake: The Waldorf Astoria


gorgeous bride! i love these images from this beautiful wedding.

Love this! Makes me really miss NYC :( This looks like it was such a fun wedding!!!

so pretty! I love that they walked down the street in NYC! The black and white close up is just beautiful.

Such a timeless and elegant wedding. Nyc at it’s finest. Great photos.

Stunning! Gorgeous and beautifully shot!

LOVELY images!! A few of those black and whites took my breath away!!

I love this elegant wedding. Her dress is so lovely and I love all the emotion you captured!!

this is such a gorgeous wedding!! i love those portraits in the city! and those black and white portraits are to die for!!

Beautiful and classic! I’m obsessing over her dress and shoes!

Cottages on Charleston Harbor Styled Shoot | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-1Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-2Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-3Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-4Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-5Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-6Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-7Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-8Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-9Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Charleston Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-14

Location: The Cottages on Charleston Harbor |Gown: Carol Hannah | Groom’s Attire: Louis Purple | Florals: Gathering Events | Hair and Make Up: Wedding Hair by Charlotte

what a stunning shot! love the styling and details!



these are lovely!! so many beautiful, romantic images! i love all the detail images!

Farewell to 2014 | Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-01Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-02Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-03Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-04Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-05Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-06Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-07Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-08Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-09Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-10Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-11Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-12Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-13Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-14Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-15Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-16Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-17Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-18Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-19Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-20Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-21Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-22Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-23Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-25Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-26Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-27Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-28Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-29Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-30Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-31Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-32Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-33Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-34Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-35Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-36Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-37Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-38Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-39Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-40Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-41Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-42Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-43Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-44Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-45Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-46Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-47Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-48Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-49Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-50Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-51Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-52Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-53Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-54Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-55Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-56Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-57Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-58Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-59Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-60Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-61Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-62Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-63Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-64Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-65Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-66Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-67Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-68Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-69Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-70Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-71Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-72Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-73Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-74Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-75Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-76Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-77Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-78Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-79Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-80Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-81Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-82Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-83Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-84Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-85Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-86Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-87Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-88Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-89Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-90Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-91Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-92Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-93Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-94Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-95Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-96Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-97Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-98Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden Photography-99Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-03Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-04Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-05Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-06Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-07Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-08Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-9Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-10Fine Art Weddings- Lindsay Madden PhotographyII-11

Thank you to everyone who made 2014 so special. It was a year filled with wonderful adventures, beautiful weddings and lots of precious moments. I was lucky enough to photograph a few destination weddings {two in Italy!}, have a wedding selected for Martha Stewart Weddings {out later this year}, photograph a bridal fashion look book for Kelsey Genna, capture 20 stunning weddings, collaborate with so many talented vendors and celebrate four years of marriage with my amazing husband. I’m truly grateful for this past year and I look forward to seeing where life and business go in 2015! Wishing everyone a happy & healthy year ahead.


what a wonderful year in review! brings back so many lovely memories & so proud of you!!

Such a beautiful collection of images and moments. Congratulations on a wonderful year!

Girl!! So many drop dead gorgeous shots!! Clearly you’re going to have an amazing 2015! So much talent! :)

Wow! What a great 2014! So much prettiness. Well done!

what an amazing year! so many stunning images and moments of pure joy! i can’t wait to see where 2015 takes you! <3

What a beautiful year you had!

Such a GORGEOUS 2014 Lindsay! Each and every image is breathtaking.

oh Lindsay! Such a fan of your work!! I started listing favorites but their are too many! What a fantastic year you had!! Can’t wait to see the amazing you make this year!! xo

So much beauty in one post!! What an amazing year you’ve had!! <3

gorgeous!!! What a beautiful, colorful year!!! Xoxo

what an amazing year!!!!!!!!! so love

Stunning year! Such beautiful photographs!

Wow. What a year. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

High Line Park Engagement Session | NYC Wedding Photographer

Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-1Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-2Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-3Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-4Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-5Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-6Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-7Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-8Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-9Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-14Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-15Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-16Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-17Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-18Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-19Highline Park Engagement Pictures-Lindsay Madden Photography-20

I had so much fun capturing Kailyn and Brian’s engagement session in November. We started on the cobblestone streets of the meatpacking district then made our way to the High Line and finished up at their favorite local Tribeca restaurant, Tiny’s. Kailyn and Brian call downtown home so going to all of these locations made for an extra special engagement session. I enjoyed capturing so many wonderful moments between the two of them in a place they already cherish so much. I can’t wait to capture their summer 2015 wedding up  in Saratoga Springs!



Such gorgeous photos!!!

Oh my gosh, they are SO freaking cute!!

I love these images! So full of love. And I ADORE her second outfit!

lovely images. I miss shooting in the city!

This is so lovely! I love how laid back and genuine all the photos feel. This couple is super adorable!

Great pictures. I really like the photos in an urban setting. Very nice light.

Tuscany and Venice | Italy Travel Photography

Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-01Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-02Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-03Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-04Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-05Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-06Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-07Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-08Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-09Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-10Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-11Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-12Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-13Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-14Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-15Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-16Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-17Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-18Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-19Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-20Italy Travel Pictures- Lindsay Madden Photography-21

This past September I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Italy to photograph two breathtaking weddings. One in Tuscany and the other in Venice! My amazing mom joined me for this adventure and I couldn’t have been more lucky to have her along. When I wasn’t working, I was able to find some time to explore and photograph images for my personal archives. Travel photography is a huge passion of mine because I love seeing the world and reminiscing about it later through my pictures.

My first stop was Tuscany and I was completely blown away by the incredible landscape. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I stayed at a place called Tenuta Casteani which was a farmhouse in the middle of the hills of the Tuscan Maremma. It was cozy, warm and just lovely. Valentina made sure my stay was perfect with yummy meals, wonderful hospitality and delicious wine. On one of the days, my mom and I drove our little Fiat to Siena to explore. Siena was an incredibly charming city with so much history. I absolutely loved it! On Friday & Saturday I teamed up with Chic Weddings in Italy to shoot the most gorgeous Tuscan wedding at Conti di san Bonifacio for Regina and Jack & I plan to share their wedding at some point over the next few months. It was an absolute honor to be apart of their magnificent day and it will be an experience that I will cherish forever.

After our time in Tuscany, my mom and I drove to Florence to catch the train to Venice for the second part of our trip. The last time I was in Venice was in 2006 in the winter and I’m so happy I was able to return to this magical city in warmer weather. It was truly a different experience. We arrived in time for dinner and we ate at the loveliest place along the canal. We stayed at the Hotel Metropole which overlooked the lagoon and was just steps away from St. Mark’s Square. Once again, I was able to team up with the talented ladies of Chic Weddings in Italy in order to capture Jacquetta and Elliot’s Venice wedding. It was yet another incredible wedding which I’m so lucky to have been apart of.

I had such a wonderful time and I truly hope to return to Italy in 2015! And to my beautiful mom, thank you so much for joining me. I loved every minute of our adventure together. I love you!


These are beautiful! It makes me want to go visit (like so bad)!

i never get tired of looking at travel photography. Ive never been to italy but love love your photos and it makes me feel as if I have been. you are so good at detail shots.

I have always dreamed of going to Italy. These images makes me want to go even more!

I love Italy. Wonderful photos of nature and landscapes.

I want to visit Tuscany so bad! You captured these two places beautifully.

Omg!!! I haven’t been many places, but I have been to Tuscany and Venice and these pictures make me want to cry! It’s soooo wonderful!

I love Italy and these images are gorgeous, Lindsay. I went to Venice last year and loved it – glad to see you and your mom had such a great time over there.

Oh my word, what a dream!! I am sure your mom had a joyful time traveling with you! Such a treat!

Oh my heart! These images make me miss Italy so badly! I love these

Two things I love, your work and Italy. Officially JEALOUS!!

oh my heavens!! i die. so, so gorgeous! this makes me want to do something spontaneous and buy a ticket to italy like RIGHT NOW! <3

put me on a plane! LOVE!! So pretty!!