A Romantic Rainy Day Wedding at Bedell Cellars, Lauren + Bobby

Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-01Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-02Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-03Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-04Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-05Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-06Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-07Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-08Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-09Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-10Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-11Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-12Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-13Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-14Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-15Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-16Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-17Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-18Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-19Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-20Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-21Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-22Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-23Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-24Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-26Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-27Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-28Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-29Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-30Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-32Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-33Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-35Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-36Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-37Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-38Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-39Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-40Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-41Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-42Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-43Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-44Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-45Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-46Bedell Cellars Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotography-47

Location: Bedell Cellars | Bride’s Wedding Gown & Veil: Marchesa | Bridal Shop: Mark Ingram Atelier | Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka | MUAH: Oscar Blandi | MOH Dress: Jenny Yoo | Groom’s Attire: Indochino Tux with Ferragamo Shoes | Stationery: Fine Lines of Katonah | Flowers: House of Flowers | Lighting: Karen Lenahan Designs | Entertainment: 45 Riots | Caterer: Irish Coffee Pub | Cake: Rolling Pin Bakery | Video: Michael Justin Films


Wow! Stunning!

This wedding was amazing! What a beautiful celebration. I absolutely love that veil shot during the ceremony!

stunning images! what a beautiful wedding!

Girl!!! you are amazing… love your style :)))

What a stunning event! Beautifully captured!


Patricia Trillo

Lindsay, the B/W photo with the veil blowing to the right is exquisite!

Raphael Winery Wedding, Marjorie + Dominick

Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-1Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-2Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-3Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-4Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-5Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-6Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-7Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-8Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-9Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-14Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-15Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-16Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-17Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-18Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-19Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-20Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-21Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-22Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-23Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-24Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-25Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-26Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-27Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-28Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-30Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-31Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-32Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-33Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-34Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-35Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-36Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-37Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-38Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-39Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-40Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-41Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-42Raphael Winery Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-43

Location: Raphael Winery | Bride’s Dress: Victor Harper Couture | Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo | MUAH: Perfectly Blended {makeup} & Nicole D’Angio {hair} | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Jim Hjelm | Groom’s Tux: Hugo Boss | Stationery: Chips and Salsa Designs | Flowers: Kim Jon Designs | Entertainment: Nocturne | Cake: Have Your Cake | Video: Kiss the Bride Films

what a gorgeous wedding! i LOVE her dress & details!

Wow, she is ROCKIN’ that dress! Gorgeous.

Oh my holy… what a gorgeous wedding!!

wendy laurel

those flowers!!! what a wedding.. this is sheer gorgeousness

Winter Editorial Shoot at Buttermilk Falls Inn | NYC Wedding Photographer

Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-1Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-2Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-3Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-4Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-5Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-6Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-7Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-8Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-9Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-14Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-15Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-16Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-17Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-18Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-19Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-20Jenny Packham Editorial Shoot-Lindsay Madden Photography-21

Thank you Magnolia Rouge for the beautiful feature!

Part one of our Winter’s Frost Editorial shoot held at Buttermilk Falls Inn in Milton, NY features a chic winter bridal look with a pop of color. Charlotte is wearing a beaded gown by Jenny Packham and Billy is wearing Suitable’s Noir Peak Lapel Tuxedo. We wanted to showcase how beautiful portraits can be in the snow all while looking effortlessly put together.
The amazing team below:

Photography: Lindsay Madden | Location: Buttermilk Falls Inn | Floral Design: Full Aperture Floral & Silk Ribbon from Froufrou Chic | Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham from Gabriella Bridal Salon | Headpiece & Faux Vest: HushedCommotion | MUAH: Facetime Beauty | Tuxedo: Suitable NYC | Models: Charlotte Girdwood  of ADAM Models and Billy Sarna | Also with: Everswoon

What a stunning bridal session. Such beautiful images!

Oh my gosh…WOW! So stunning!

This is ridiculous. So well done!

stunning! in love with her dress and that bouquet!!

Wow! So stunning!!

[…] grey gown and definitely offers a more wintry feel. Interested in viewing part one? Check it out HERE. The amazing team […]

Central Park Engagement Session, Kristina + Hayes

Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-1Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-2Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-3Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-4Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-5Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-6Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-7Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-8Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-9Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-14Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-15Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-16Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-17Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-18Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-19Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-20Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-21Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-22Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-23Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-24Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-25Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-26

I love when my clients pick locations meaningful to them because it makes their whole engagement session experience even more special. So when it came time for Kristina & Hayes’ spring engagement session they suggested Central Park and Dorrian’s on the Upper East Side. Their session took place towards the end of the cherry blossom season, but it was the perfect time to photograph these pink trees and this gorgeous couple in my special nook. The sight of the pink trees and the pink petals on the ground takes my breath away each spring. Mix in some beautiful morning light and you simply get a location that’s pure magic. We finished at Dorrian’s which is a local bar on the UES. Kristina & Hayes first met each other there and their love story has been going strong ever since.  Everything about their session was fun yet romantic and I loved creating new memories for Kristina & Hayes in places they already hold close to their hearts. I look forward to capturing their wedding in Florida next spring!


gorgeous couple, gorgeous images!!

this session is gorgeous!!!

so much romance in your images! beautiful.

These are fabulous! That shot of her on his lap in the little bistro is PERFECTION!

wendy laurel

so cute!!! love the scene changes… very new york all the way around


What a gorgeous couple and those outfits are so beautiful! Great session, Lindsay