Central Park Engagement Session, Kristina + Hayes

Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-1Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-2Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-3Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-4Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-5Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-6Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-7Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-8Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-9Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-14Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-15Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-16Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-17Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-18Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-19Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-20Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-21Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-22Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-23Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-24Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-25Central Park Engagement Session-Lindsay Madden Photography-26

I love when my clients pick locations meaningful to them because it makes their whole engagement session experience even more special. So when it came time for Kristina & Hayes’ spring engagement session they suggested Central Park and Dorrian’s on the Upper East Side. Their session took place towards the end of the cherry blossom season, but it was the perfect time to photograph these pink trees and this gorgeous couple in my special nook. The sight of the pink trees and the pink petals on the ground takes my breath away each spring. Mix in some beautiful morning light and you simply get a location that’s pure magic. We finished at Dorrian’s which is a local bar on the UES. Kristina & Hayes first met each other there and their love story has been going strong ever since.  Everything about their session was fun yet romantic and I loved creating new memories for Kristina & Hayes in places they already hold close to their hearts. I look forward to capturing their wedding in Florida next spring!


gorgeous couple, gorgeous images!!

this session is gorgeous!!!

so much romance in your images! beautiful.

These are fabulous! That shot of her on his lap in the little bistro is PERFECTION!

wendy laurel

so cute!!! love the scene changes… very new york all the way around


What a gorgeous couple and those outfits are so beautiful! Great session, Lindsay

Maternity Boudoir

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M&A are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child and I’m so grateful to have been apart of such a special & emotional session. Thank you both for allowing me to capture your beautiful love and I can’t wait to meet your little one soon!


i’m obsessed with this session. so sweet and romantic!!!

Beautiful and tender… love the images. The 6th black and white of her is just divine.

Such a gorgeous couple, captured perfectly <3

So gorgeous!!

I love how you’ve worked the whole family into this boudoir shoot. Lovely…

wendy laurel

super duper pretty!!! gorgeous

New York City Newborn Session | NYC Portrait Photographer

NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-1NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-2NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-3NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-4NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-5NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-6NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-7NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-8NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-9NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-10NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-11NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-12NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-13NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-14NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-15NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-16NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-17NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-18NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-21NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-22NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-23NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-24NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-25NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-26NYC Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-27

I genuinely love newborn sessions. I really, really do. I enjoy meeting new families and working with them to create special memories with their littlest family member that they will cherish forever. I had a wonderful time hanging out with Ashley, Doug and their little girl, Scarlett this past winter. She is the perfect addition and I’m so grateful I had the chance to capture this precious milestone.


awww.. this is precious. amazing shots of this new family and I love all of them.

what adorable family & pup!!! love her nursery too!

Awe, what a beautiful set. A newborn and a pup – cuteness itself.

adore this session!! what a beautiful set of images! Agree the puppy and the baby on the bed! LOVE!

what an adorable family session!! those black and whites are stunning! <3

Oh my gosh, that shot with one foot up in the air! <3

Southern Wedding Inspiration at the William Aiken House | Charleston Wedding Photographer

William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-1William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-2William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-3William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-4William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-5William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-6William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-7William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-8William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-9William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-10William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-11William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-12William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-13William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-14William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-15William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-16William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-17William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-18William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-19William Aiken House Wedding-Lindsay Madden Photography-20

Location: William Aiken House | Florals, Design & Decor: Gathering Events | Wedding Gown: Gown Boutique of Charleston | MUAH: I Do Makeup | Tuxedo & Tie: Charleston Tuxedo | Rentals: Snyder Rentals | Cake: FISH Restaurant | Cake Stand: Polished! | with Charleston Weddings and Bliss & Bokeh

So lovely! The color palette is so fun and inspiring!!

so so pretty and fun! what a sweet couple!!

wow.. those cakes!! I love all the details.. this is wonderful.

You’re amazing Lindsay! This is STUNNING!!!


absolutely gorgeous!! you are amazing! also, i’m obsessed with that cake! <3

Brooklyn Newborn Session | NYC Portrait Photographer

Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-1Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-2Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-3Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-4Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-5Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-6Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-7Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-8Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-9Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-10Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-11Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-12Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-13Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-14Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-15Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-16Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-17Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-18Brooklyn Newborn Photography-Lindsay Madden Photography-19

Karla & Joe welcomed Carolina into the world and into their hearts two months ago. Life moves fast & I’m grateful that I got the chance to capture such fleeting and tender moments for this beautiful family of three!


so golden and pretty!! what a gorgeous baby with all that hair

Hair!!! Oh my goodness! What a cutie!

How sweet! Love the little smiles!

Oh my goodness, look at all that hair! And that adorable double chin!!

Anne-Cecile Pistenon

what priceless moments and incredibly beautiful pictures that you will remember forever! Keep enjoying !!!

what a gorgeous session and a beautiful new baby!! <3

Beautiful! Love these images :)