Baby Hunter | NYC Newborn Photographer

“no joys on earth bring greater pleasure than a little boy to love and treasure”~anonymous.

Newborn pictures at homeNewborn pictures at homeBaby feetmom and newborn babybaby toesdad and newborn son

I have been capturing so many amazing life milestones for Ali and Jason. First there was their engagement session in 2011 then their wedding in 2012 and now their first baby! It has been an incredible journey over the past three years and it has been wonderful watching Ali and Jason navigate the new and fulfilling world of parenthood. Little Hunter is the perfect addition and he is already loved by so many, including my camera. Life passes by so quickly without us always realizing this. I am so thankful for photography and I am so lucky to be able to preserve such tender moments like this for so many.

Ali and Jason- The both of you have become more than clients, you have become friends and for that I am grateful. Lots of love to you both and of course, to sweet Hunter.


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! love the black & white so much

so precious!

love these! especially the black & whites!

oh they will love these… especially that last one!

I am in love with the black and white images!! So emotional.

That last image is so precious!

sweet baby boy! black & white baby on momma’s face is priceless. beauties!!

oh sweet baby love!

so beautiful! I love the rich color tones and that last bw is quite amazing.

Absolutely precious!

oh that kissing toes shot is so so great!! beautiful session!

These are adorable. Love the little feet. Beautiful session

So beautiful! I just love the photo of mom kissing her baby’s toes!

Pure sweetness! Love these little family memories.

Such a sweet session! I love the newborn sessions in the home instead of the kitchy on a pillow or in a bowl. So cute, great work!

Madison Square Park Portrait Session

…this little beauty is six months…

Madison Square Park Family Session


Location: Madison Square Park



This is just the SWEETEST little baby photograph!!!!

What an adorable child. And what style!

wendy laurel

doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Such a cutie pie!! Great expression.

Stop it!!! What an adorable little bebe!

those eyes!!!!!

Oh my word, precious!!


Oh my word! What a doll!

What a cutie pie! Love the skin tones!


She IS so cute. Those little rosy cheeks and peachy skin, adore!!


i am so happy spring is here…



I can almost smell them through my screen! Happy Spring<3

Oh my, how lovely! I can’t wait to start smelling these all over the place!

Oh these are lovely! I am looking forward to spring!

I’m practically squealing with excitement. I’ve never been so giddy about spring! This is gorgeous, Lindsay!

I love Wisteria!! I wish I could grow it.

Wisteria is absolutely my favourite thing about Spring. Ours isn’t blooming yet though!

lovely shot.

You know… I chose my wedding venue specifically because of the Wisteria that grew there. And do you know… it wasn’t in bloom at all because of some freak weeks of rain that we had before and after our wedding. Still makes me thing of my wedding every time I see it though. So beautiful.

Gorgeous! They’re not out here yet but really looking forward for when they do bloom.

I love wisteria! So happy Spring is here!

me too!! it’s about time – hooray for spring!

Thinking of spring, thinking of spring. This helps. This is gorgeous and makes me long for the snow to melt and watch the spring flowers push through!

Beautiful! I’m so ready for spring!

And I am soooo sad Spring hasn’t sprung here in Chicago.. *sigh* so jealous. Hoping she comes here soon too!! (that photo of the flowers is beautiful!!)

Wedding Bouquet

my 2014 wedding season kicks off next month (!!) and I’m so grateful for all of the amazing couples I’ll get to work with & for all of the beautiful locations I’ll get to travel to.



I could just eat that pretty pink peony! so pretty!

Such pretty colors on the bouquet!

the colors make my heart swoon. love!

I adore the colors you got! So amazing!

I love peonies! The are by far my favorite flower and this is a lovely photo capturing their beauty!

So pretty!

Beautiful bouquet and colors are stunning!

This is gorgeous! The flowers and the photograph!

Gorgeous flowers!